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Mario Korbar

Data Sense d.o.o.
Managing Director

Valentin Usenkov

founder of USENKOV.PRO project, partner of CA controller akademie

Guido Kleinhietpaß

CA Controller Akademie AG
Partner, trainer and consultant

Mario Korbar

Mario is a business solutions consultant and the founder of Data Sense. He started his career as a mathematics teacher but very soon switched to IT. Over the past 20 years, he has been participating in the implementation of IT business solutions (mostly ERP and BI) in various roles, first as a programmer, then as a project manager and business solutions consultant. He believes that a tight coupling of controlling and IT is key to efficient business management. His mission is to bridge the gap between business and IT and train consultants with business knowledge and IT skills. Hence, the Data Sense motto – „where IT speaks business “.  In his spare time, he enjoys riding a bike or playing the drums.

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Cash Flow Management on Power BI Platform

Data Sense d.o.o.



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