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Daniel Marks

University of St. Gallen (Switzerland)
Research Associate at the Chair for Controlling / Performance Management, Institute of Accounting, Control and Auditing

Prof. Dr. Klaus Möller

University of St. Gallen (Switzerland)
Professor for Controlling / Performance Management, Director Institute of Accounting, Control and Auditing

Prof. Dr. Imke Keimer

Lucerne School of Business (Switzerland)

Daniel M. Marks works as a research associate at the Chair for Controlling / Performance Management at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. He has been a Ph.D. student in Prof. Möller’s team since January 2020. He completed his Bachelor (B.Sc.) in Economics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich and his Master (M.Sc.) in Technology Management (TUM-BWL) at the Technical University of Munich with an exchange semester at KEDGE Business School in Bordeaux. Prior to his studies he did an apprenticeship in the hotel industry. During his Bachelor and Master studies he gained work experience in the areas of accounting and controlling in various industries as well as in a big-four consulting company. His research focuses mainly on Management Control Systems in family businesses.

Classes / round table:

  • 02 Day

Flexible financial planning & forecasting – combining target setting and progress measurement using analytical driver models

University of St. Gallen (Switzerland)



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