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10th Meeting of


Rovinj, Hotel Lone

05. - 06. 05. 2022.

The annual meeting of regional central bank governors gathers governors, bank and financial sector representatives. The meeting aims at improving the cooperation between regional financial institutions and at exchanging experiences in suppressing and mitigating the consequences of financial crises and in the economy in general.

Topics of this year’s meeting are focused on economic outlook of the region. This primarily regards the economic challenges related to current economic, financial and monetary situation of the countries in the region: inflation and monetary policy, uncertainty and the financial sector and economic recovery amid the Ukraine conflict and sanctions aimed at Russia.

Economic recovery amid the Ukraine conflict and sanctions aimed at Russia As recovery from the pandemic was gradually gaining sound footing, conflict in Ukraine and sanctions aimed at Russia have again increased uncertainty and worsened the outlook for the European economy at large.

Uncertainty and the financial sector Russian presence in the banking sectors of countries in the Central and South-East European countries has been modest and regulators dealt swiftly with immediate direct fallout from the conflict and sanctions. Still, some indirect exposures through parent institutions remain, contributing to risk of further reputational contagion. Also, elevated uncertainty has further tightened lending conditions as risk premiums shoot-up.

Inflation and monetary policy Inflation continued to surprise on the upside for a variety of reasons following the recovery from the pandemic. Adverse joint supply side shock of the conflict and sanctions is likely to make inflation stay higher for an even longer period of time. While reliance on exchange rate anchors for countries of South-East Europe has historically ensured low and stable inflation, this time round it is the imported price pressures that are driving the inflation.

The meeting is intended for central bank governors, central bank experts, regional business banks chairmen and board members, representatives of international financial institutions.

The meeting is organized by LIDER business weekly.


The organizers provided all protection measures against COVID-19: maintaining social distance, implementing effective hygiene measures and controlling participants. All participants are provided with protective masks and disinfectants, and their body temperature will also be measured. The conference hall is large enough to ensure the necessary distance between the participants.




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    Konoba Kantinon, Obala Alda Rismonda 18, Rovinj

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