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Yves Morieux

Boston Consulting Group
director of Institute for Organization

Terence Tse

COTRUGLI Business School

Yves Morieux, PhD is the director of Boston Consulting Group’s Institute for Organization. He is an expert in corporate transformation and leads the firm’s development of approaches to help organizations create the structural and behavioral groundwork for competitive change. Yves was a BCG Fellow from 2008 through 2017.
Yves has pioneered new ways of organizational thinking through the development of Smart Simplicity, an approach designed in cooperation with BCG clients in different regions and industries. This concept includes six “smart rules” to better manage the new business complexity while avoiding organizational complicatedness. During his tenure as a Fellow, Yves’s research focused on new business complexities and their organizational implications.
With Peter Tollman, Yves coauthored the book Six Simple Rules: How to Manage Complexity without Getting Complicated, which is based on this principle of Smart Simplicity and examines how companies can embrace the new business complexity to thrive in today’s marketplace.

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Managing complexity without getting complicated

Boston Consulting Group

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The social science in new ways of working

Boston Consulting Group


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