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International Conference

Creating Value in a World of Increased Complexity

„The real battle is not against competitors. This is rubbish, very abstract. When do we meet competitors to fight them? The real battle is against ourselves, against our bureaucracy, our complicatedness. Only you can fight, can do it.“

Yves Morieux, BCG

Conference outline / basic information

International conference on Battling Complexity with Simplicity with Yves Morieux, PhD, partner at Boston Consulting Group
To be successful in today’s complex and fast-changing world, companies must be highly agile and flexible—able to identify opportunities and make informed decisions quickly in order to exploit those opportunities. Those companies that are able to hone that agility in the face of increasing external complexity will emerge with a clear competitive advantage.
Few companies, however, possess these capabilities.
At the Creating Value in a World of Increased Complexity Conference, Yves Morieux, PhD, the director of Boston Consulting Group’s Institute for Organization, will present and give practical advice on how to implement Smart Simplicity approach – a pioneering, new way of organizational thinking which enables companies to fight complicatedness. On top of Mr Morieux sharing his vast experience of working with companies worldvide, local and regional perspective will be shared by business and public leaders who have successfully lead their organizations through transformations in the times of increased complexity and volatility.

Who should attend

Presidents of the Boards, Board Members, CEO-s, People Development Managers, HR Managers, Line Managers, Executive Directors, Team Leaders, Project Managers, IT managers and everyone interested in increased efficiency through decreasing organizational complexity.

From the program

This international conference on Battling Complexity and Creating Value will bring to audience in Zagreb an internationally reputable expert, sought after speaker and breakthrough thinker, Yves Morieux, who has pioneered new ways of organizational thinking through the development of Smart Simplicity, an approach designed in cooperation with BCG clients in different regions and industries. Mr Morieux will be joined by globally influential, top ranked members of exceptional COTRUGLI Faculty who will deliver inspiring talks on some of the most relevant business topics today (positive leadership and understanding the future), whereas regional business leaders / presidents of the boards from the leading regional companies will give practical insights and first-hand experience on transforming their companies, challenges they met along the way and the way they went about them.

The aim of the Conference

In their attempts to reduce uncertainty and reestablish control amid this new complexity, companies tend to introduce new reports, new rules, and new processes. Such reactions, however, simply translate external complexity into internal “complicatedness”—the counterproductive proliferation of cumbersome structures. Complicatedness hinders productivity by creating a work environment that leaves employees disengaged and unmotivated.
The aim of the Conference is to provide participants with practical, easy to implement strategies for increasing productivity and efficiency, both from the global and local perspective, from the people who have tried and successfully implement practical approaches.

Benefits for the participants

The conference presents a unique opportunity for the participants to hear most important developments in corporate strategy, organizational design, change management and thought leadership. Businesses compete in a world that is growing ever more complex. Disruptive technologies emerge with increasing frequency. Customers’ needs and demands change at breakneck speed. New competitors are always entering the fray. To be on top of the game, business leaders and all those who want to get inspiration and know-how how to manage their business and lead their people better, should not miss the conference.


The conference is organized by COTRUGLI Business School, in partnership with Lider business weekly.
COTRUGLI is a leading reagional business school with centres in Zagreb and Belgrade, and the conference is a part of their annual event for all students, alumni, partners and friends of the School – COTRUGLI Days.




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