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6th Meeting of

Regional Governors 2018.

Rovinj, Hotel Lone

26. - 27. 03. 2018.

THE ANNUAL MEETING of regional central bank governors gathers governors, bank and financial sector representatives. The meeting aims at improving the cooperation between regional financial institutions and at exchanging experiences in suppressing and mitigating the consequences of financial crises and in the economy in general.

TOPICS OF THIS YEAR’S MEETING are focused on monetary policy challenges. This primarily regards the economic challenges related to monetary policy normalization and the resolution of accumulated non-performing loans. The early stages of FED monetary policy normalization as well as the expected normalization of the monetary policy in the euro area has brought a discussion on the macroeconomic effects of the set-off normalization on the economies with the emerging markets back into focus. The condition of the banking systems in participating countries is rather good, they are highly capitalized, profitable and liquid. However, the rate of non-performing loans is still high, which may have an adverse effect on lending to the economy, the investment and economic activity.

BANKERS’ PANEL will present the research and the comparative analysis of the New and SE European banking system efficiency. The issue of how to ensure reduced risk and increased lending efficiency in the early stages of a decreased margin cycle, the expected growth of interest rates on the money market and the certainty that the next credit cycle will not result in high loan portfolio growth rates arises. Is there any regional progress in the regulation and the operation of legal systems in sight, which might reduce risks? How much room is there for reducing regulatory costs? What is the share of technological changes in the changes of banking cost structures? Are there pressures and plans regarding bank concentration, in particular on smaller markets? These and other questions will be tackled by the participants during the second part of the Conference.

THE MEETING IS INTENDED FOR central bank governors, central bank experts, regional business banks chairmen and board members, representatives of international financial institutions






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