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Max Lemke

European Commission - Digital Single Market
Head of Unit

Medeja Lončar

Siemens Hrvatska
Predsjednica Uprave

Friedrich Vollmar

Ambassador of the Plattform Industrie 4.0

Dr. Max Lemke is the Head of Unit for “Technologies and Systems for Digitising Industry” in DG CNECT. He had a leading role in developing the European Strategy for Digitising Industry. He is now in charge of its coordination and governance, including core actions such as Digital Innovation Hubs and Digital Industrial Platforms. In the EU Research and Innovation programme HORIZON2020, Max is responsible for the areas embedded and cyber-physical systems, advanced computing, and ICT for manufacturing. Max is co-responsible in CONNECT for the Joint Technology Initiative ECSEL and the Public Private Partnership Factories of the Future. He has also launched the I4MS initiative. Max holds a Doctorate in Natural Sciences and has a scientific background in numerical mathematics, parallel computing, and software engineering.

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European Commission - Digital Single Market



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